I am BACK!

So sorry I’ve been MIA for 3 months! The good news? I’m pregnant!!!! 🙂 The bad news? I have had SEVERE PREGNANCY SICKNESS for the last three months (hyperemesis gravidarium- HG) and have been completely useless and bedridden this ENTIRE time. Only in the last week have I started to feel slightly human again.

Oh, and the REALLY happy news? I am pregnant with TWINS!!!!!!!! 🙂

…More posts to come soon!

Hugs, Kisses, & PINK Cars,

-Jennifer 🙂

I Am Attracted to: Nature’s Brands- Herbal Choice Mari’s Natural Vitamin E Oil

Make Your Own Gluten-Free Lip BalmI’ve never been a “crafty” person. Some people are inspired to knit their own scarves, paint their own home decorations and signs, or arrange their own faux flower arrangements, but I’ve never been very good at that. While I truly admire people that are crafty and the gorgeous things that they are able to make, I am more inspired to create for myself when I’m looking at a gluten-free cook book or walking down the organic beauty care aisle. If I see a photo of a good-looking dessert, I am often inspired-enough to go out to the store , get some ingredients, and start baking! And lately, I’ve been wanting better, healthier versions of my favorite bath, body, and beauty products, and have been inspired to make my own. I have been pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to make all sorts of homemade creams, lotions, and potions that work better and are safer than the ones I normally bought at the store. It’s been an eye-opening experience and I’ve become totally obsessed with DIY skincare products!

Here are a few reasons why you too may become obsessed with making your own beauty and body care products:

  • It’s super-simple to DIY. It’s actually ridiculously easy to make so many of our favorite things we so cluelessly buy at the store! We are so used to buying Chapstick and hand soap during our weekly errand outings, that we often have no idea how quick and simple it is to make it ourselves!
  • It saves you a lot of $$$! You can essentially have the most expensive organic and all-natural products that you want and at a fraction of the cost when you make them yourself!
  • It ensures that you have safe, non-toxic stuff. Most beauty and body care products have harmful chemicals in them… but not yours that you make at home! You mix the ingredients together, so you know exactly what’s going into your topical creations. I’ve realized the importance of not only eating better ingredients, but using better ingredients on the outside as well to achieve my best real beauty.
  • It feels so good! It’s incredibly rewarding to make your own beauty and body care products… especially when they actually work well and are better for you than the ones you used to buy! You’ll be proud to use them every day and you’ll want to make your amazing DIY, organic products for family and friends to show them off! Nature's Brands- Herbal Choice Mari's Natural Vitamin E Oil

One of the ingredients that I have found absolutely essential in all of my own bath, body, and beauty products, is using Vitamin E oil. Whether I am making lip gloss or all-natural deodorant, I include Vitamin E oil in all of my recipes. Vitamin E oil is extremely moisturizing nourishing for your skin, keeping it soft, supple, and young-looking.

The only brand I recommend is Nature’s Brands: Herbal Choice Mari’s Natural Vitamin E Oil. This oil is incredible! Why? Because I looked around for Vitamin E oils for my homemade skincare products and it’s the only one that met my standards.

My main concern when looking for Vitamin E Oil was that it was gluten and soy-free. This brand IS! Not only that, but this brand of Vitamin E oil is organic and is bottled in a glass container as well! But, perhaps the very best part about this nourishing oil is that it is a LIQUID, which makes it incredibly easy to pour into your recipes! Many of the DIY body care recipes out there will tell you to use Vitamin E capsules and break them open… which is such a hassle! Don’t do it! Simply using a liquid Vitamin E oil makes it completely painless to use and easy to include in your handcrafted scrubs, lotions, and glosses.

This is what Nature’s Brands it says about their awesome Vitamin E Oil:

“Herbal Choice Mari’s Natural Vitamin E Oil is a nutrient rich moisturizing face and body oil to help maintain soft, youthful skin. All natural and made with NO chemicals, gluten, parabens, detergents, sulfates, synthetic oils, artificial fragrances or preservatives. Made with non-GMO organic ingredients and suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and cruelty-free enthusiasts.”

Nature’s Brand’s Vitamin E Oil is absolutely the only brand you should buy if you are going to use Vitamin E Oil in your homemade skincare recipes. I just love it!

Aluminum-Free Deodorant Learn how to easily make your own organic beauty and body care products! Try the following DIY recipes:

Make Your Own Organic, Gluten-Free Lip Gloss

Make Your Own All Natural, Gluten-Free Hand Soap

Make Your Own Gluten-Free, Aluminum-Free Deodorant


Hugs, Kisses, and PINK Cars,

-Jennifer 🙂

Tarot Fridays: Normalizing Tarot

Cards I love Tarot, but I think many people shy away from it (that might actually be open-minded about dabbling in it) because Tarot feels a bit too strange and mystical to really incorporate into every day life. But, truly, Tarot doesn’t have to feel so mysterious or even weird. Though you may want to find a really good, professional psychic, should you ever decide to do a Tarot reading, you personally do NOT have to be psychic to do a Tarot reading on yourself! And believe me when I say that you CAN believe God and still incorporate Tarot in your life! It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

If we stop making Tarot feel so “witchy” (no offense to the good witches, but let’s be real here), it can be as common and helpful as chatting with a good friend and asking them for a bit of advice. Have you ever had a friend (or perhaps even a therapist!) say, “What do you want to accomplish for yourself this year?” Or, “I have a bad feeling about him…” Or, “I think you are onto something really great!” Tarot may say the same thing to you. Take the card’s advice or don’t, just like you would (or wouldn’t) with your friend’s advice. No biggie. The purpose of the cards is just to give us a little guidance IF WE WANT IT.

How can you reach your goals? What can you do to better your life and be more productive, happy… whatever you want more of? Tarot is as simple as that- a tool to help us take a moment to think about our life and how we can improve or reach our goals.

Hugs, Kisses, and PINK Cars,

-Jennifer 🙂

Make Your Own All-Natural Foaming Hand Soap

Make Your Own All Natural Foaming Hand Soap I’m obsessed with good soaps. I love liquid, foaming, and bar soaps… I love it all. Amazing scents with nourishing ingredients along with a pretty container and I’m totally hooked.

But… my little obsession is a costly one. I was recently buying some pretty damn expensive hand soap and it was hard to keep up with my habit. I mean it. My last foaming hand wash cost me almost $11! That’s a lot of money to drop on a small bottle of hand soap. Especially since my four year old son comes home from preschool school every day looking like he rolled around in a puddle of mud, hair and shoes filled with sand, and always seems to have dirt under his fingers nails- no matter how short we cut them… Ugh. I’m just saying that we go through soap FAST in our house.

Look, I don’t mind spending money on good, quality, organic, gluten-free products. I really do want to support companies that create products that are truly good for our bodies and for our environment. I want to put my money towards things that make a difference and create genuine good health and vitality in my life and my family’s… But I don’t think you have to spend money on the things that are so incredibly simple and affordable to make yourself! Not to mention, I am simply am not rich enough to spend $11 a week on fancy hand soap.

That said, I made my own foaming hand soap and LOVE IT. My foaming hand soap smells just as good as the $11-variety, but it also includes absolutely no CHEMICALS! Whoo-hoo! My old $11 soap wasn’t even organic. Not only that, but I swear to you, making your own foaming hand soap is the EASIEST THING EVER. Oh, oh oh! And the best part? I am going to save a sh*t-load of money by making it myself from now on! OH YEAH. I hope you are motivated to make soap for yourself too! 🙂

Gluten-Free, All-Natural, Homemade Foaming Lemon & Grapefruit Hand Soap



  1. Add 2-3 tbsp of Dr. Bronner’s soap to an empty Foaming Soap Dispenser, depending on the size of your container. I recycled one of my old empty foaming soap bottles (that had a bottle I thought was so pretty!), but you can buy all sorts of new, gorgeous, and reusable foaming soap dispensers through Amazon.
  2. Add Vitamin E Oil and essential oils to the dispenser.
  3. Fill the remaining space of the soap dispenser with distilled water (to the top), screw on pump top, give it a good shake, and you are ready to use your foaming hand soap!


Make sure to use a soap dispenser that’s made specifically for foaming hand soap. They are relatively inexpensive and come in a variety of styles on Amazon (or perhaps from your nearest Wal-Mart or Target?).

Grapefruit essential oil is certainly not necessary in this recipe (as plain ol’ lemon always smells divine!), but I think the combination of lemon and grapefruit gives it an extra “punch” and makes it smell ultra-citrus-y! Speaking of which, use any essential oil scent you prefer! Some people love lavender, others may want jasmine… The possibilities are endless!

Distilled water is essentially water that has been purified to remove toxins. It’s easy to buy from your local grocery store. Or… go the easy route and  just use purified water from your filtered water source at home (I won’t judge you!).

Hugs, Kisses, and PINK Cars,

-Jennifer 🙂

Inspirational Quote of the Day: Joshua J. Marine

IMG_7969“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” – Joshua J. Marine

If you ate your favorite pizza with all the toppings you loved for every single meal, would the pizza taste JUST AS delicious as it did the day you took your first bite, as it would after a year of eating it day in and day out?

If everything you did was easy and everything you wanted you received without any real effort whatsoever, would anything mean that much to you anymore?

Let’s be honest: If life was good and perfect every single day, it would all become a big bore. As uncomfortable and unwanted as unpleasant situations are, it’s these challenges that, in fact, make our life stories interesting, our achievements so rewarding, and can help us appreciate all the good in our lives.

I do know this: If the sunset looked like this one every single night, it wouldn’t have felt as special as it did the night my family and I were outside to witness it…

Remember this quote when you’re having a bad day. Keep in mind that without challenges, it would be hard to take pleasure in all the wonderful moments of your life and achieving your goals would never feel as amazing as they do when you’ve worked so hard to reach them.

Hugs, Kisses, and PINK Cars,

-Jennifer 🙂

Make Your Own Gluten-Free, All-Natural, and Aluminum-Free Deodorant

DIY Deodorant Years ago, I read that most deodorants contain aluminum, which is known to cause Alzheimer’s and possibly even cancer! Yikes! It was a discouraging fact to read, so I wanted to drop the chemical-laden version and find a safer deodorant instead. But finding a deodorant that actually worked for me has been, no joke, a decade-long challenge because, well… my pits are just so darn stinky! Seriously… 😦

I hate to admit it, but my armpits have given me a lot of grief over the years. For years, I searched and searched for a deodorant that would JUST WORK AT ALL, but my pits continued to stink, and it was just so ridiculously frustrating and embarrassing. I would try wearing “breathable” shirts, I would reapply every hour or so, and I even tried the strongest deodorant sticks out there at the grocery store… FOR MEN… Yeah, none of them worked well. It was exhausting. I FINALLY tried a deodorant cream, Arrid Extra Dry cream, and it’s the only deodorant that ever worked for me! It’s so weird, because all the other varieties of Arrid deodorant never worked, just that one particular cream! If I go with Arrid’s stick deodorants, or their mens’ versions, I’d stink again. But that magical cream in a jar… it was the only kind that worked for me! I worried if Arrid ever stopped making my special deodorant cream how screwed I’d be…

But I’m a pretty healthy girl these days and like to use all-natural products when I can. I eat organic, I eat gluten-free, and because of it, I feel really good nowadays! I realized that putting less chemicals inside my body was actually making me look and feel better on the outside, so I decided I should use less chemicals topically as well. I think the combination of the two, putting good-for-you ingredients on the inside AND the outside can really lead to the most radiant YOU. That said, I wanted to address my deodorant issue. There’s no doubt that my miracle deodorant cream has aluminum in it (along with other toxic chemicals), and if that wasn’t bad enough, I am currently pregnant. I just want to be kind to my body, and all the more now that I am making another precious human being. If there was ever a time to be extremely careful and considerate, it’s now (while I am building a brain and eyeballs) that everything that is absorbed into my body and my cells is healthy and nourishing.

SOOOOO…. I made my own all-natural, aluminum-free deodorant and I LOVE it! Trust me, I have tried all-natural versions before, and they never worked, so I can’t believe my own little creation is actually doing the trick (especially since my pits have seemed especially difficult)! But it IS working and I am all the more encouraged that making your own skincare products can be even better than the store-bought versions! I hope you’ll try and make it too- I promise, it’s super-easy and takes a total of 5 minutes (tops!) to make!

Gluten-Free, All-Natural Lemon Deodorant



  1. Add coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax to a glass bowl and microwave for 45 seconds. Beeswax and coconut oil should be melted, but if not, zap in the microwave for just a few more seconds until melted. Shea butter does not have to be melted all the way, but softened.
  2. Add all other ingredients (but adding the lemon essential oil last) to the melted mixture and stir until thoroughly combined.
  3. Pour blended mixture into a small glass container with lid.  If you prefer, you could also add this mixture to an empty deodorant stick. *See note below if you decide to use a stick container instead of a glass/lid container.
  4. Screw on lid and let stand in the fridge for at least 30 minutes to set.
  5. After 30 minutes, use your amazing, all-natural, aluminum-free deodorant! 🙂

Aluminum-Free Deodorant Notes:

Some people are not quite as stinky as me, so if you find that this all-natural deodorant is too strong for you and irritates your skin, cut back on your baking soda. The baking soda is the magic ingredient to help cut down the sweat and the stench, but it can also irritate sensitive skin and cause too much dryness. If that’s the case for you, make a batch of this deodorant with only 1 TBSP of baking soda instead, and see if that works better.

*This deodorant is made with coconut oil (which melts easily at 76 degrees), so if you make it into a deodorant stick OR if you prefer the deodorant to stay more of a solid, you may have to store it in the fridge. I know it may seem a little more “high-maintenance” than your typical store-bought deodorant, but if it works as well for you as it has for me AND has safer ingredients that won’t lead to terrible diseases down the line, I promise the extra effort of storing it should be well-worth it! 🙂


I’m discovering that making your own organic and all-natural body and skincare products is SO INCREDIBLY EASY! It’s especially rewarding to make your own stuff, because if it works well AND it’s better for you using non-toxic ingredients (unlike common body and skin care products), AND you can save you a crap-load of money by doing it yourself… well, it just feels pretty darn good.

Hugs, Kisses, and PINK Cars,

-Jennifer 🙂

Tarot Fridays: The Empress

The Empress The very design of a woman is just the most amazing thing… Women are such lovely creatures, and even more incredible, that the female body is designed to be the maker of LIFE. What amazing capabilities the female body has! What a miracle it is to create another human being!

The Empress is a wonderful card that represents beauty and femininity, but it specifically focuses on fertility, pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. If you are hoping to have a baby, the Empress should be a very welcomed card to appear in your reading! The excitement of seeing the two pink lines on a pregnancy test… The truest, deepest love that rushes over you when you hold your newborn child for the first time… The indescribable joy to hug, kiss, and love-on your babe when they come home from school or as you watch them fall peacefully asleep in their warm, cozy bed… all moments that you can’t really understand at it’s deepest level unless you are the parent and that baby is YOUR baby.

Wow. What an incredible honor it is to become a mother!

I can honestly say from my own experience, that becoming a parent is one of the very best things, if not the very best thing, that you can ever experience in your life. And while it’s such a special gift to be able to create life, remember that the truest definition of a real mother is not necessarily the one who builds the flesh and bones, but the one who is there for her child, raising them day in and day out, loving and nurturing them unconditionally. … If you are a real mother, I applaud you!

The Empress is one of the most beautiful and powerful cards in the Tarot, and it’s pretty obvious as to what it means when it appears. 🙂 If it is absolutely impossible that you will become pregnant or become a parent in the near future, the Empress can sometimes mean it’s important for you to stop criticizing yourself and start loving yourself for who you are! We women are quick to judge ourselves and focus on our physical “flaws.” This card tells you to stop the madness. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! Believe it. Love that body of yours and appreciate all the miracles your body is capable of. It’s time to embrace and love yourself for the GODDESS that you are!


And while we are talking about the Empress… I am so excited to tell you that I am pregnant with my second child! The love, joy, and gratitude I feel for being blessed again with another angel is absolutely indescribable! I am beyond thankful.

Hugs, Kisses, and PINK Cars,

-Jennifer 🙂